MOS (MASA ORIENTASI SISWA) “translated from Indonesian”

Likened to a mother who was pregnant, of course, need to prepare for the birth of his son with as perfect as possible. Likewise with a school that will welcome prospective new learners, so that the prospective new learners could go to school with optimism, knowing what to do, know and want to run the learning process and willing to accept the school’s policy. So a student would have to prepare again through Student Orientation Period (MOS). Where the main objective is the introduction of traditions, rules, and conditions of the school to prospective new students. Role of MOS will be recalled as the entrance gate of a school, then the MOS has very important meaning. Given a good initial step is a good start also for success in the years to come.
Ironically, however, the meaning and implementation of the Student Orientation Period is sometimes not in line with what it should. MOS and even used as a venue for revenge of his senior. As an example of a finished event Perploncoan MOS are: 1) Participants must wear an attribute that is not obscene. 2) Event marching again in the daytime when the sun is hot-hot. Does not include torture and not educational? 3) If there are errors of the participants, senior participants often snapped arbitrarily, plus physical punishment is not in accordance with the education that should be given at the MOS (push-ups, set ups, run laps, etc.).

MOS should really be the shape of individual characters that are in line with the vision and mission of the school. This can be done starting with the training and cultivation of the nation’s character. Such as self discipline, responsibility, recognize the potential and find self-motivation in learning, religion and social sensitivity training. Where the type of activities can be varied according to the needs of the school.
Penamanan self-discipline trained through the provision of time. The introduction of school discipline to give a clear picture of what can be done and developed in schools and what should be avoided. In addition, it also instilled the attitude of responsibility for the consequences of what it does, then if there are students who violated, impose penalties or sanctions should be but can not be separated from how to punish the train. A description of the school curriculum should also be made, so that students know what should be learned while studying in school.

Prospective new students should also be encouraged to recognize the skills and develop themselves, especially in dismantling the negative perceptions and perceptions and replaced with positive thoughts.

Return to the achievement of self-perfection, may also be candidates for the new students are invited to know the use of left brain and right brain. So balanced and in accordance with what is desired is achieved.

To motivate students and instill a sense of pride to the school that has been chosen, it could be done by bringing the seniors or alumni who excel both in academic and non academic, to mensharing experience their struggles, thus encouraging them to perform better for the future. And at the end of the MOS, the prospective new learners should be encouraged to think of others in need and build solidarity with them.

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